McCarthy Responds to Biden’s Debt Ceiling Jab Ahead of Meeting

House speaker Kevin McCarthy discusses his upcoming meeting with President Biden regarding the U.S.’s massive debt on ‘The Bottom Line.’ House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R‑Calif., responded to the president’s jab on Monday that he’ll show his budget if McCarthy shows his. “For the president to say he doesn’t want to negotiate something this large… When you think back to 2011, when he was vice president, they even called the negotiations over the debt ceiling, the Biden negotiations,” McCarthy said on “The Bottom Line” Monday evening.“I mean, to think that the president believes there’s no place in government you can’t cut and have a savings for the hardworking taxpayers?” the speaker continued. “There’s so much waste out there, and we’ve got to put ourselves back on a trajectory that balances.” Earlier this month, the U.S. bumped up against the debt ceiling, which is currently around $31.4 trillion, forcing the Treasury Department to deploy “extraordinary measures” to ensure that the government can continue to pay its bills. KEVIN MCCARTHY AGREES TO BIDEN MEETINGWhen approached by reporters ahead of their …

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U.S. National Debt

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