McCarthy Delivers Absolute Zinger After Biden Refuses to Meet with Him — Reveals What He’d Bring to the WH

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested Thursday he’s willing to go to special lengths to set up a meeting with President Joe Biden to discuss such issues as America’s high energy costs.
He even joked about bringing Biden’s favorite food to the White House for a working lunch.
McCarthy’s remarks came following the House passage of H.R.1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, earlier in the day with bipartisan support.

The legislation is aimed at increasing domestic energy production through streamlining permits to drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands and offshore. It would also end Biden’s moratorium on hydraulic fracking on federal lands.
Further, it would make it easier to obtain permits to mine for minerals in the U.S. that are used to produce microchips and make electric car batteries, the bill’s sponsor House Majority Leader Steve Scalise said.


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