Man Who Faked Own Kidnapping for Alibi to Cheat on Girlfriend Suffers Judge’s Wrath: ‘Abhorrent Behavior’

An Australian man who faked his own kidnapping earlier this year in order to go out on a tryst with his mistress will avoid serving any jail time but that did not protect him from the tongue-lashing of a judge.
According to a report, 36-year-old Paul Iera of New South Wales slipped away from his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve last year and the woman soon received text messages that he had been kidnapped over a bike, 9 News reported.
The outlet reported Iera told the woman he supposedly loved that he had to leave their home to see his “financial guy.”

Instead, he spent the night with another woman who sent his worried girlfriend a text message in order to give him an alibi.
Per police, a message the girlfriend received read, “Thank you for sending Paul to me, now payback is a ***** bye bye.”


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