Man Murdered Woman, Defiled Corpse — Now Walks Free Despite Death Sentence

Thomas Schiro was sentenced to death in October 1981 for the murder and rape of 28-year-old Laura Luebbehusen. But on Jan. 7, he was released from prison in Evansville, Indiana, on a supervised one-year parole program.
At the time of the murder, Schiro, then 20, was living in a halfway house in Luebbehusen’s neighborhood, according to WEHT.
In February 1981, he entered her home by saying he had car trouble and needed to use the phone.

Schiro then raped Luebbehusen several times before hitting her in the head and strangling her, police said, according to WEHT.
He then sexually abused her body posthumously.


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According to WEHT, it was one of Evansville’s most high profile murders.
Schir …

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