Man in a Grinch Costume Holds Up an Awesome Sign About Jesus and Santa — Parents Aren’t Happy, But He’s Not Wrong

No one likes a Grinch, but this one isn’t wrong.
A street preacher named David Harold Grisham sparked outrage recently after standing outside Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas, dressed as the Grinch, holding a sign telling kids that “Santa is Fake Jesus is Real.”
Grisham claimed he was “assaulted” by an angry parent while demonstrating and that police “showed up in force” to block him from fully exercising his First Amendment rights, the New York Post reported.

According to a video Grisham posted on social media, at least two upset adults confronted him, with one man grabbing his sign, ripping it up, and throwing it on the ground.
WARNING: The following video contains language some readers may find offensive. 

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[embedded content]
Grisham can be heard arguing with the man to “get away from my stuff” before saying he got the man’s license plate number.

According to the Post, Grisham was within his rights …

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