Man Arrested in Plot to Kill Elon Musk, Cause ‘Mass Casualty Event’ at Tesla Cybertruck Launch, Officials Say

A Florida man was arrested near a Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, after allegedly threatening a mass casualty shooting there.
The man told police that “I was going to shoot up Elon Musk and the plant” during Thursday’s Cybertruck delivery event, Austin CBS outlet KEYE-TV reported.
The man, identified as Paul Overeem, 28, was booked at the Travis County Jail on a charge of making a terroristic threat — a third-degree felony.

The news outlet reported that a Tesla security official told police that Overeem made multiple threats of violence in Instagram messages on Nov. 9, including:

“I sure am crazy though”
“But yeah so at the Tesla event I’m planning an attach so up to you guys to stop me”
“I plan on killing people at that even ok November 30th and I would like you to do something about it so I don’t have to”
“I wanna die”
“I need to be stopped”
“If I’m saying I’m gonna kill people then you should take this seriously”

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