Libs of TikTok Threatens Twitter Lawsuit

After Libs of TikTok was reinstated to Twitter after being suspended twice, the account stated that, if they were banned permanently, they would file suit against Twitter. This after it was revealed in June that Twitter employees were debating suspending the account—which simply reveals people in their own words—altogether.Twitter had suspended the account for what they termed “hateful conduct” and violating the “hateful conduct policy” after Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik posted an article, complete with audio of phone recordings, implicating National Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC of performing hysterectomies on healthy, 16-year-old girls, for the purpose of treating gender dysphoria. Mainstream media claimed these surgeries never happened, but it was uncovered by The Post Millennial, through research into scientific journals, that it’s a far more widespread practice than WaPo, NPR, and hospital public relations people would have the public believe. This is one of the revel …

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