Libs Melt After SCOTUS School Choice Decision

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision striking a blow for religious freedom and school choice. Then, online, all hell broke loose. Yet the actual facts and outcome of this case would, I suspect, be unobjectionable to most Americans, including many Democrats and liberals. In a case called Carson v. Makin, the Supreme Court just ruled on a Maine program that explicitly barred religious schools from an otherwise available taxpayer funding program. 
“Until now, the state of Maine has subsidized the cost of private schools providing the equivalent of a secular public school curriculum for the roughly 5,000 children who live in districts (school administrative units, in Maine parlance) too sparsely populated to support their own public school,” law professor Ilya Somin explains. “However, Maine refuses to subsidize attendance at private schools with a religious curriculum in these areas, even if they have otherwise met all applicable state laws.”
In the decision, the court simply ruled that if Maine is going to offer this kind of program, it cannot discriminate against religious schools. Or, as the Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey put it: 

The principle is simple: If government lets people choose schools, it cannot say “choose any school EXCEPT a religious one.”
That is obvious government discrimination against religion. And I’m pretty sure you are supposed to be against …

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