Liberal Lawmakers Propose Draconian New Bill to Regulate, Restrict Purchase of 3‑D Printers

Leave it to New York to come up with a new plan for governmental overreach.
A bill introduced in October and currently in the committee stage in the New York State Assembly would require “criminal history background checks for the purchase of three-dimensional printers capable of creating firearms.”
Sponsored by Democratic Assembly Member Jenifer Rajkumar, the bill is rooted in growing fears about the inability to track unlicensed “ghost guns” created by 3‑D printers.

According to Rajkumar’s memorandum on her proposal, 3‑D printers “allow people to buy, make, and sell untraceable guns without any background checks.” The new legislation will ensure that these phantom firearms won’t “get in the wrong hands,” she said.
However, 3‑D printer owners who use them to create firearms are in the “extreme minority,” according to Ammoland.

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