Lib Media Blames Christian Parents for Nashville Shooting

The leftist establishment media is floating a narrative that is attempting to portray the trans shooter who murdered six at a Nashville Christian school as a “victim.”

As various media outlets left out significant details concerning the shooter being transgender, a newly crafted narrative is now emerging which tried to lay blame the killer’s Christian parents.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, shooter Audrey Hale was “rejected” by her Christian parents because they disagreed with her identifying as transgender and refused to allow Hale to use he/him pronouns.

The Daily Mail reports that Hale was forced to leave home to change outfits.

The outlet also cited a “well-placed” source who claimed the Christian parents “did know about it,” but “they just didn’t accept it.”

Here is a portion of the Daily Mail’s crafted narrative:

“Twenty years later, after being rejected by her Christian family when she came out to them as gay, Hale had turned into a killer.” 

The …

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