LGBT Indoctrination Push About to Suffer a Serious Blow After State GOP Advances Massive Public School Bill

As with everything leftists do, there’s no way to please them when it comes to how the LGBT community should be treated.
They’re unhappy if you treat homosexuality as something other than “normal.”
At the same time, they want to be celebrated for being different.

On Monday, the Republican-led Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill that would prohibit the display of political flags — including LGBT “pride” flags — in public school classrooms across the state, according to The Tennessean in Nashville.

JUST IN: Tennessee Rep. Gino Bulso has introduced a bill that would make it against the law for public and charter schools to display any flag other than the American flag and Tennessee state flag.
— Proud Elephant 🇺🇸🦅 (@ProudElephantUS) December 28, 2023

Trump Celebrates as He …

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