J6 Hearings: From Stalinist to Monty Python

What’s a Cassidy Hutchinson? 

A nobody?
Until this week.
She was a cypher in the administration of President Donald Trump and apparently didn’t get anything she wanted after its demise. Now she’s telling some tall tales.
The January 6 Committee Hearings continue to give a lot of very unimportant people airtime as they pretend to be saving democracy and rescuing the nation’s liberties from a man who hasn’t even declared whether or not he’s running for the presidency in 2024. And you know that’s what this is all about. Cooking Donald Trump. It’s deja vu all over again as the legendary New York Yankee Yogi Berra might have observed. After two impeachments and a perpetual hoax of Russia collusion, the Democrats and two idiot Republicans are still obsessed with making the world unsafe for Trump.
Hutchinson of course knows absolutely nothing. She knew absolutely nothing as a minor aid …

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