KJP’s Briefing Interrupted as Every Reporter’s Phone Goes Off at the Same Time

At least a couple of federal government meetings were interrupted Wednesday by … the federal government.
A White House news briefing was in progress when the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s nationwide test of alert capabilities caused a bit of a ruckus.
“Oh! There you go!” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commented, as cell phones around the room began to screech.

NOW – Emergency alert test underway in the United States.
— (@disclosetv) October 4, 2023


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“It works,” Jean-Pierre added. “Every couple of years, folks.”
Over at the Capitol, the same thing happened during legislative meetings.

The shrieking tone interrupted GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas as he spoke at a hearing about semiconductor chip manufacturing during the Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee meeting.
“Yes, we rely on these chips for consumer electronics and cars, but they’re also in just about every –” Cruz broke off his statement and looked at his phone as the high-pitched tone sounded off. He waited — and waited — and waited for the extended tone to go silent.

Should the government be allowed to send alerts to our phones without permission?

Yes: 0% (0 Votes)

No: 0% (0 Votes)

Senator tedcruz got interrupted by the FEMA emergency alert test…#EmergencyAlertSy …

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