Kids ‘Begging to Have Body Parts Put Back On’ — Dr. Phil Investigates Gender Clinic, Bombshell Interview

Gender clinics are committing the worst atrocities against children, and history will judge us harshly if it doesn’t stop.
At these houses of horror, radical transgender theory becomes gruesome practices, leaving bodies mutilated and children “begging to have body parts put back on within months of having surgeries.”
This stomach-churning revelation came from Jamie Reed, a whistleblower from the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, whose exposé last February blew the lid off of this scandal, Fox News reported.

Speaking to Dr. Phil McGraw Thursday on his “Dr. Phil Primetime” program, Reed expounded on her experience in the “morally and medically appalling” industry.
It’s not that Reed is a right-wing ideologue — she is, in fact, married to a transgender individual and identifies as “queer” — but rather that she witnessed a “number of things” that compelled her to speak out.

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“We started to see patients who were experiencing very significant medical harms being rushed to the emergency room with lacerations requiring stitches,” Reed, who was in charge of patient oversight and …

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