Kanye’s Antisemitism Matters

One doesn’t just wake up and make a string of antisemitic remarks without some deep-seated hatred of Jewish people. The latest example came from none other than the famous entertainer/designer Yet, formerly known as Kanye West. His mental state is not an excuse. Kanye’s hateful rants demonstrate a great paradox of antisemites throughout history: using a platform of “fame” to make vile statements about Jews, at the same time disproving the antisemitic screed that Jews control Hollywood where he’s famous. Surely if that were the case, he’d never have been able to make such statements to begin with.

But that’s not the only contradiction in Kanye’s antisemitism.One can be forgiven for making an ignorant, hurtful mistake. Yet unfortunately, when called out about it, Kanye became more offensive rather than being humble, contrite, or even apologetic.  That’s as bad as his offensive series of statements because he had the opportunity to do right, but he chose to conti …

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