Joy Reid: Repubs Want to Ban Voting

Reacting to President Biden’s speech on voting, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid insisted without evidence on Tuesday that not only do Republicans want to suppress the vote of African-Americans, but they want to end elections entirely by not having “the vote at all and I think y’all need to wake up to that.”At the end of an A‑block, the NAACP’s Sheryl Ifill implored Americans “to understand” the need to remove the filibuster and pass the Democratic Party’s voting policies “is a democracy issue” and “not a niche issue for black people, so now we’re in a crisis because what they were trying out just on black and brown people, they have now decided to run the tables on the whole nation.”

So, ban all people from voting? Where did that come from? Where’s the evidence America is headed toward North Korea? T …

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