Joe Rogan: Media Ignoring Global Uprisings That Go Counter Narrative

Podcast host Joe Rogan said the establishment news media has lost control of the narrative, a result of them ignoring the biggest stories happening in the world, like the current citizen uprising in France.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” while speaking to physician Peter Attia, Rogan noted how mainstream media “leaves out anything” that doesn’t fit within its narrative.

“The media has lost its hold over the narrative,” Rogan declared.

“Now, the media conveniently leaves out anything that it doesn’t want to be at the front and center — in terms of things that people concentrate on and talk about.”

“Like one of the greatest examples that’s happening right now is this massive protest in France. Massive protest in France. Nine million people on the street, literally up in arms,” Rogan said.

“Macron in France. Takes his f***ing $80,000 watch off under the table while he’s talking to people about tightening up and about how you know this has to be done.”


Joe Rogan Slams Media: “No One Says a Thing About B …

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