Biden’s ‘ultra-MAGA’ comments out of Putin’s playbook

President Biden has borrowed a page right out of Vladimir Putin’s playbook. As someone who was raised in the USSR, I am all too familiar with the tactic of divisive, inflammatory rhetoric and scapegoating that the Soviet government used to foment hatred among its own citizens in order to keep permanent control. 

As a former DIA intelligence officer who specializes in Russian affairs and Putin’s doctrine, I am stunned at how adept the Democrats have become at Soviet-style tactics.

Unable to control soaring inflation, skyrocketing gas prices and looming shortages of critical items such as baby formula — all the direct result of his administration’s socialist policies — Joe Biden has recently turned to labeling Americans with strong conservative views “ultra-MAGA.”

This new narrative is nothing but a tactic deployed to fracture the GOP’s already wa …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:
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