Jill Is Now Taking Over For Joe With Infuriating Announcement

Who is pushing so desperately for Joe Biden to run for a second term when the majority of Democrats don’t even want him to…perhaps it’s Jill. She’s making the media rounds on his behalf to let the country know he’s “not done”…

“He’s not finished what he’s started, and that’s what’s important. Look at all that Joe has done, has accomplished! He brought us out of the chaos.”

She’s just as delusional as he proves to be on a daily basis. Jill needs to let it go and give her husband a break from office that the country could really use after the chaos he has led America into — not brought us out of, as she incorrectly claimed.

As one viewer aptly commented:

“Joey isn’t done destroying this country.
He isn’t done giving billions of dollars of taxpayer money to foreign countries.
He’s not done causing more black against white chaos
He’s not done covering for his drug addict pilfering son
He’s not done making Ukraine his welfare state and Zelensky his ‘other’ dependent son
He just as well go ahead and change the name of DC to ‘Little Ukraine’ and Zelensky can change Kiev to DC”


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