Jack Buckby: Roe V. Wade: Do Democrats Want Democracy Or Not?

When the United States Supreme Court voted to strike down Roe v. Wade on Friday, it caused widespread outrage among Democratic legislators, strategists, pundits, and journalists.That outrage, however, appears to be driven by what the ruling means for so-called “abortion rights” rather than the legitimacy of the ruling itself. What’s more, the anger and the rhetoric that has followed should be a cause for concern for any American interested in protecting states rights and the federalist system.
Regardless of how one feels about the practice of abortion – and I’m a British citizen living in the United States who has never been particularly vocal on this issue – this decision is consequential and demands intellectual honesty from all those who debate it. What we have seen in the wake of this decision, however, is a slew of partisan and disingenuous attacks on those who believe in America’s system of governance and the right for states to make their own laws.
We have also witnessed some of the most remarkably inconsistent arguments from Democrats on why the ruling should never have been made. Arguments that undermine the Democrats’ own e …

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