Is the West Becoming Fascist?

According to the corporate media, the West seems to be having a fascist moment. Italians just voted for Giorgia Meloni, who is apparently the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini because she opposes mass immigration and supports the family. In Sweden, similarly “fascist” candidate Jimmie Akesson received a large number of votes after promising to crack down on the surge in rape and terrorism in his country. And here in the United States, Joe Biden and his advisors routinely denounce semi-fascist MAGA Republicans for their ongoing criticism of his administration.
Indeed, leftists use the smear “fascist” so often that the word has become completely untethered from its original meaning. Much like the term “racist,” “fascist” is simply shorthand for anyone who opposes leftism. Thus, a black American like Larry Elder who decries racism in his books and documentaries is deemed racist, and a democratically elected Catholic mother, Meloni, who has repeatedly denounce …

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