Cyberwar: Iran vs. Israel and America

US Links MuddyWater Hackers to Iranian Intelligence as Cyberwar Heats Up: The US military’s Cyber Command on Wednesday linked the hacking group “MuddyWater” to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security service. Cyber Command also highlighted the open-source tools that hackers are using to gain access to networks around the globe in order to stop further attacks. 
It’s the first time, that the U.S. government has openly connected Iran’s intelligence ministry with MuddyWater that has in recent years tried to hack into data from telecom firms and other organizations across Europe and the Middle East. In a post from their website, Cyber Command accused Iran of being the sponsor of MuddyWater.
MuddyWater is an Iranian threat group; previously, industry has reported that MuddyWater has primarily targeted Middle Eastern nations, and has also targeted European and North American nations. 
MuddyWater is a subordinate element within the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). According to the Congressional Research Service, the MOIS “conducts domestic surveillance to identify regime opponents. It also surveils anti-regime activists abro …

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