Iran and Venezuela Sign 20-Year Agreement

Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro and Iran’s hardline theocratic president Ebrahim Raisi recently signed a 20-year cooperation agreement. The Associated Press reported that this new agreement came just one day after Maduro praised the Iranian Islamic Republic for sending badly needed fuel to Venezuela despite American sanctions. In an interview with Maduro after he arrived for a two-day visit in Tehran, Iranian state media reported that Maduro heaped praise upon Iran’s efforts to send fuel tankers in support of his country. Maduro said, “Tehran’s delivery of oil to Caracas was a great help to the Venezuelan people.”Maduro’s visit to Iran comes as tensions heighten across the Middle East as negotiations over Iran’s nuclear deal fell apart and as U.S. sanctions and rising global food prices choke Iran’s suffering economy. This was Maduro’s first visit to Iran.A high-ranking delegation from Venezuela comprised of political and economic officials joined Maduro on his visit to Iran after receiving an invitation from Raisi. Venezuela, like Iran, is under heavy sanctions from the U.S., which hinder its economic growth. In a joint press conference …

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