Insurrection: Pro-Abortion Weirdos Swarm State Capital

On Wednesday afternoon, the Republican-majority Wisconsin legislature quickly rejected a special legislative session called by Governor Tony Evers in regards to overturning the state’s abortion law.According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, both the Senate and Assembly meetings regarding the law lasted under 30 seconds, with the Republican majority quickly gaveling out of both sessions.Evers called for the special session earlier this month following the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that indicated a majority of the justices would overturn Roe v. Wade. Wisconsin’s abortion law, which was implemented in 1849, will go into effect in the event that Roe is overturned.While the state’s law would go after doctors or providers that assist women in getting abortions, it does not expressly punish women who perform their own abortions, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.According to the outlet, “Wisconsin state law requires the Legislature to meet if the governor takes executive action and call for a special session. It is up to the discretion of lawmakers, however, to determine how long a session lasts and what topics are or are not discussed.“Inside the Wisconsin capitol building, as lawmakers were meeting, pro-abortion activists with Planned Parenthood flooded into the building’s rotunda, loudly chanting.Pro-choice demonstrators chant in the state Capitol rotunda.Gov. Evers has called a special session today for the repeal of Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban.GOP legislative leaders are expected to gavel in and out of the session this afternoon.— A.J. Bayatpour (@AJBayatpour) June 22, 2022
Planned Parenthood/abortion access supporters are gathered in the state Capitol protesting Wisconsin’s 173- …

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