Individual No One Has Ever Heard of Tries to Bait Gina Carano with Nasty Tweet, But Then It Backfires

An editor at a blog for video games who has virtually no social media following — and thus no influence to speak of — attempted to dunk on actress Gina Carano on Twitter last week.
An attempt at “woke” virtue signaling backfired spectacularly. It did little, other than prove that Carano is actually an adult who genuinely cares about people other than herself.
Carano, if you’ll recall, was fired from the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian,” which is part of the Star Wars universe in February 2021.

The actress expressed her First Amendment right when she reminded her Instagram followers that the Nazis were only able to dehumanize and murder millions of Jews in Hitler’s Germany because the people were complicit.
There was nothing untruthful about the comment. Disney canned her for expressing thoughts that were not in line with it …

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