If There Isn’t a Deep State, Why Does the Deep State Keep Acting Like a Deep State?

Boy, there sure seems like there’s a deep state in Washington, DC, determined to use its political power to reward one part of the political elite and punish the other. 

Oh, I know, I know. It’s conspiracy theory stuff to suggest there’s even a Deep State. But maybe the Deep State should stop doing Deep State things if it’s trying to convince us that there isn’t a Deep State. The latest example of all the Deep State Deep State-iness is the arrest of former FBI counterintelligence chief from the Southern District of New York, Charles McGonigal, on charges that he violated US sanctions against a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska.Now, this on its face is bad enough, but when you peel back the Deep State Deep State-iness of all of this, you learn that this guy played a key role in Operation Crossfire Hurricane.Of course, Operation Crossfire Hurricane was the FBI counterintelligence investigation into the Tr …

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