Hunter bought and used burner phone apps

Hunter Biden bought and used burner phone applications from the Apple app store from 2014 through 2018, records on a copy of his abandoned laptop obtained by the Washington Examiner show.
The applications — Phoner, textPlus, and WePhone — gave him the ability to generate new phone numbers capable of making calls and texting from his iPhones and iPads, said Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, a former Secret Service agent and cyber forensics expert who examined a copy of Biden’s abandoned laptop for the Washington Examiner.
It’s unclear why the son of President Joe Biden purchased and used burner phone apps or whether and to what extent he did so to pursue business deals or his drug habit.
When asked to comment, an attorney for Hunter Biden demanded that the Washington Examiner provide a copy of it but refused to respond to any questions concerning its contents.
Dimitrelos found a spreadsheet on Hunter Biden’s hard drive created Jan. 21, 2019, containing records of his transactions in the Apple app store.
“The file contained over 2,000 purchases by Robert Hunter Biden and dozens of purchases of burner phone apps, which are used t …

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