Hundreds of Muslims Die During Traditional Mass Pilgrimage to Mecca

More than 550 Muslims died during the Hajj — a ritual pilgrimage to Mecca.
At least 323 of the casualties were Egyptians, with most of those deaths linked to the heat, two Egyptian diplomats told Agence-France Presse, which reported those numbers Tuesday.
“All of them [the Egyptians] died because of heat” except for one fatally injured in a crowd crush, one diplomat said.

According to an AFP estimate, 577 people had died as of Tuesday. Wednesday was the final day of the Hajj.
The BBC noted that many pilgrims had been reported as missing.

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At least 60 Jordanians died, the diplomats said, according to AFP. Jordan had said Tuesday that 41 Jordanian pilgrims died.
A medic and a second official — both of whom were not named — said they believed about 600 bodies were at a morgue in Mecca, according to The Associated Press.

Other unconfirmed and unofficial reports estimated that the death toll was as high as 900.
On Thursday, AFP quoted an Egyptian diplomat as saying the number of Egyptian dead had risen to over …

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