How Republicans Can Regain the Initiative

The Republican Congress has a small window of opportunity to redefine the political landscape.Will Republicans repeat history or make history?Remember 2011?  Republicans won an historic number of seats in 2010 only to become disappointingly ineffective.  A thundering herd of elephants birthed mice. 

Republicans will face several challenges. First, most media will declare the “end of days” and breathlessly report the coming “Republican apocalypse” in detail.  They will demonize every incoming Republican with cherry-picked “facts” and an endless array of fiction. Second, Republicans will not be unified.  They rarely are.  Conservatives should remember that just because Members of Congress are “R”s they are not necessarily “ours.”  There are moderate and liberal Republicans, along with swamp dwellers, timid souls, and special interest conflicted.Republicans, even with a slim majority, can make a difference if they achieve four major goals: Expose; End; Equip; Endure.EXPOSECongress has a fundamental duty to conduct oversight and hold those in power accountable. This begins with Congress itself.  Republican leaders must i …

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