Historian Who Correctly Predicted 9 of Last 10 Elections Reveals Impact of Trump Conviction

A historian who has called nine of the past 10 presidential elections said it is far too soon to tell if former President Donald Trump’s convictions will change the course of the presidential election.
Allan Lichtman, a historian at American University, told Fox News that despite gaggles of instant polls, the real impact of voters will not begin to show itself until next month.
“We’re not going to know much until the sentencing hearing on July 11, right before the Republican convention,” Lichtman said.

He said the convictions for falsifying business records do not appear to have impacted Trump’s base, but the real question is how much voters beyond it will care.
“We don’t know how this might affect moderate, swing, independent voters. So really, we have got to look over time and not rely on instant, unreliable punditry,” the historian said.

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