High School Valedictorian Moves Graduation Crowd to Tears 45 Minutes After Burying His Father

You’re scheduled to give your high school’s valedictorian speech.
But your dad dies the day before.
What do you do? Ask to be excused?

Everyone would understand if you didn’t give the address.
But Alem Hadzic bravely got up before the students, faculty and families of Early College High School in the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch, Texas, and gave the speech on Thursday.

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And there was more.
For the first time, except for a few close friends, people who knew Hadzic learned of the burden he had carried since January after his father’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

“My father died yesterday,” the 18-year-old graduate told the crowd, which audibly responded in shock. “And I attended his funeral today, right before graduation.”
Indeed, his dad’s …

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