Hidden Cameras In “Racist” America

It’s hard to argue that hidden cameras—and the footage they provide—aren’t having a significant impact on the world today. I’m not sure that I ever straight up fought against them, but being fairly libertarian in my mindset there was regularly an argument against their use.

Due to the confluence of three events this week, I’m changing my mind.And for very good reasons…With problematic police issues in the past it was always a “they said vs they said.” With no footage to check, disagreements became tribal and sometimes either side could lie to create more fervor for their “tribe.”It doesn’t work that way anymore.A brutally beaten man dies from his injuries while in custody, we check the tape and can almost instantly decide who did what wrong.We’ve never had the ability to throw a red flag and have the booth put a play “under review.” But now that we can protest, stay calm, because the entire universe can see and decide for themselves what …

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