Heart-Stopping: Camera Catches Potential ‘Jugging’ as Nurse Runs for His Life

The cops call the crime “jugging.” It involves stalking someone who took cash out of a bank until their next stop, when predator meets prey.
It struck last month in Houston, when a man followed a woman 23 miles and then attacked her, stealing thousands of dollars and leaving her in a wheelchair.
Now, from Richardson, Texas, comes the story of a nurse who managed to outrun a man in what police believe was an attempted jugging, according to KXAS-TV.

This incredible video shows a close call for a registered nurse coming home from the bank as a stranger chases after him – @RichardsonTX_PD say it could be an attempted ‘jugging’ @NBCDFW
— Maria Guerrero (@Maria_NBC5) March 18, 2023


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Video of the Monday incident was caught on a home security camera.
Ricky would not share …

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