Having It Both Ways on the Pandemic

Posted: Sep 29, 2022 12:01 AM

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WASHINGTON — I have always thought that there was something very odd about this COVID pandemic. From start to finish, it has been entoiled in claims of politics. The Democrats murmured against what dark doings President Donald Trump was up to at the pandemic’s outset. Then, when the Democrats took power in Washington, the Republicans began to murmur against what dark doings the Democrats were up to. Through it all, I wore my mask, took my vaccinations, and was mildly infected with COVID-19 for a short period. That was it. I thought I was a model patient for Dr. Anthony Fauci, and toward the end of my travail, I thought that he would not mind if I shed my mask and could breathe again. Yet Fauci was not done with me or thought he was not done with me.It turns out that if he had his way, I was to suffer his masks for eternity. I was to turn my biceps into pin cushions for the nurses’ syringes. And Yahweh only knows what else the good doctor’s wizards at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are dreaming up for the likes of me, but now I am a free man. I heard the president say on “60 Minutes” the other night that “the pandemic is over.” It is the one rare instance when I have agreed with dizzy Joe. T …

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