Greg Gutfeld Can’t Hide His Frustration with Co-Host, Watch What He Does with His Eyes

Greg Gutfeld appeared visibly agitated during a conversation about the Covenant school shooting on the Monday broadcast of Fox News’ “The Five.”
He even noticeably rolled his eyes at co-host Jeanine Pirro, according to Mediaite.
Gutfeld objected to a call for new gun control laws from left-leaning host Jessica Tarlov, interrupting Pirro to argue against Tarlov’s point.

Greg Gutfeld tells fellow host Jeanine Pirro to “control” herself in a tense exchange with his co-anchors.
— Derek Friday (@DerekFriday) March 28, 2023


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Pirro explained that it is unclear how the shooter acquired the guns used in the attack.
“This is why we shouldn’t be talking about this,” Gutfeld interjected. “Such a joke. All we do is speculate about this stuff. We don’t know anything about how she got the guns.”

Pirro believed that Gutfeld was talking to her. “I just said that. I just said we don’t know,” she said.
An irritated Gutfeld sniped back at her in response. “I know. I’m talking to [Tarlov]. Control yourself.”

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Gutfeld shook his head and rolled his eyes after brushing off his c …

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