GOP Senator Fact Checks Biden Treasury Sec’s Social Security Claim to Her Face — ‘That’s a Lie’

Biden administration Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen got a very public fact check on Thursday when she was called out in the midst of a Senate committee hearing.
According to TheBlaze, Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy took Yellen to task over President Joe Biden’s proposed $6.8 trillion budget, noting that the budget proposal does nothing to address potential insolvency issues involving Social Security.
And, despite the potential for insolvency issues, Cassidy noted that the president seemed supremely unconcerned about reaching a bipartisan solution considering he’s refused to meet with a group of legislators in the upper chamber — even though Yellen said Biden “stands ready to work with Congress.”

During his questioning at the Senate Finance Committee hearing this past week, Cassidy noted that “the president keeps saying he does not wish to have cuts in Social Security,” yet seems …

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