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With former President Donald Trump currently viewed by many conservatives as politically toxic, CNN reported Friday that Herschel Walker‘s campaign is looking to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ® for help in Georgia.
If Adam Laxalt defeats incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D‑NV) in Nevada, Walker must win his runoff against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D‑GA) for the GOP to take the Senate.
That’s assuming Republican Blake Masters loses his race in Arizona against Sen. Mark Kelly (D‑AZ). Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report called the race for Kelly early Friday, but the networks have declined to make a call as of Friday evening.
Control of the Senate might come down to Walker, who was handpicked by Trump and barely kept Warnock from crossing the 50% threshold needed to avoid their runoff election on Tuesday.
Numerous Republicans told CNN Friday their party is all-in on campaigning for the former NFL running back ahead of the Dec. 6 election. But several expressed reservations about Trump going anywhere near the race.
After a lackluster midterm showing by Trump’s other candidates, those stumping for Walker might seek to enlist DeSantis to motivate voters while snubbing Trump.
One person described as being close to Trump said the decision would send the former President into a fit.
“Imagine [Trump] seeing Ron campaign for Herschel while he is being told, ‘Please stay away.’ He would go ballistic,” the person told CNN.
CNN reporters Gabby Orr and Steve Contorno, who spoke to the anonymous Trump associate and others around Walker, reported there is a belief Trump might show up to the state uninvited if he is snubbed:
But if DeSantis shows up in Georgia, Trump allies said it would be exponentially harder to convince the former president to stay out of the state himself. Much to the frustration of those who want a distraction-free environment for Walker, Trump has continued to hurl insults at DeSantis in recent days, snapping at the Florida governor in a statement Thursday that referred to him as “an average Republican governor” who lacked “loyalty and class” for refusing to rule out a White House bid of his own.
DeSantis will reportedly not decide on whether to campaign for Walker until he knows the results in Arizona and Nevada. Losses by both Masters and Laxalt would ensure the GOP will be unable to capture a Senate majority.
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