GOP Rep Leaves Biden Official Dumbstruck with Basic Questions She Should Be Able to Answer

Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke, a Republican who served as the Secretary of the Interior under President Donald Trump, torched his hapless successor, Deb Haaland, during her testimony before the House Interior, Environment Appropriations Subcommittee on Tuesday.
During their brutal exchange, Secretary Haaland failed to provide a single intelligent response to questions about critical minerals that are vital not only to the American economy, but to U.S. national security, as well.
Zinke asked Haaland, “Madame Secretary, is it your policy that critical minerals should be sourced from countries that are stewards of the environment like the U.S. and our allies, or sourced from Russia and China that don’t share our same values?”

As she tried to dodge the question, Zinke said he would take that as a “maybe.”
Next, he asked if Haaland was “aware that China produces more emissions than any other count …

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