Bill Prohibits Mandating Vaccines

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs introduced a bill Thursday that would prohibit agencies that received COVID-19 relief funds from enforcing vaccine mandates. 

The bill, titled the No Mandates Act, would prohibit any entity from enforcing a vaccine mandate for its employees and prohibit agencies from requiring individuals to get vaccinated to access federal property or services, the Daily Caller reports. 
It also requires any entity that mandates vaccines to return the federal funds they were given. 

The legislation has 24 co-sponsors. 
“The American people have had enough of Big Government and Leftist corporations telling them how to live their lives. Americans’ hard-earned tax-dollars bailed out these businesses and now these businesses are trying to dictate the health care decisions of their customers,” Biggs told the Daily Caller prior to introducing the bill.
“If we don’t stop this now, President Biden and the Far Left will do everything in their power to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates and control every aspect of our everyday lives, from restaurants to stores to banks to flights. We need to put an end to these mandates and allow the American people to make their own healthcare decisions. It’s time to emphasize freedom and personal responsibility,” Biggs added. 
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