Milwaukee Location of 2024 RNC

Republicans unanimously chose Milwaukee as the host site for their 2024 national convention Friday. The Republican National Committee is hosting its annual meeting in Chicago this week, where the party made its final decision.Milwaukee is the only city with an approved draft agreement with GOP’s national committee after Nashville’s Metro Council voted down a deal earlier this week. In July, a GOP site selection committee recommended Milwaukee as the host location.Key council vote:Nashville unlikely to host Republican National Convention after council quashes billMore:The convention for conventions is coming. Will Nashville line up needed big-money events?Nashville and Milwaukee were considered the two finalists for the convention heading into the summer. Republican state lawmakers and Gov. Bill Lee strongly advocated for Nashville to host the convention, but failed to secure local buy-in from the city’s Democratic-leaning Metro Council.The council’s approval was necessary for a draft agreement, something needed to access federal security grant funds.The Milwaukee Common Council unanimously approved their draft agreement to host the convention despite early opposition.View from Wisconsin:‘It was a bit of a miracle’: How Milwaukee landed the 2024 Republican …

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The current U.S. national debt: