God, Guns, Babies, Trump!

Posted: Jun 26, 2022 9:35 AM

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It’s an interesting day to wake up in America this morning.The Supreme Court just finished its most historic session since 1973. It corrected massive wrongs perpetrated in cases so pervasive that had it not done so we would have been within a hairs breath of losing our first and second amendment rights or good!It did and will do even more good in the days to come. It defended the religious liberties that our founders acknowledged were given to us by God. It defended voter integrity by a judgement of 8–1. In a sizable majority it instructed states that have been stomping on the second amendment to allow citizens to defend themselves in public. Perhaps most importantly it reversed an imaginative reading of the constitution and corrected course in reminding us all that the documents which guarantee us our right to exist can not also guarantee another’s right to snuff us out.These four cases alone would have set a historical benchmark for any previous Supreme Court, but for this court to tackle all four of them in a single year and to decide as they did is one for the record books.And it did not happen by mistake…If the activist press corps, the radical anti-American activists, the Democra …

U.S. National Debt

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