Weed makes inroads across Europe…

“It’s a huge moment,” said Niklas Kouparanis, CEO of German cannabis company Bloomwell Group, in an interview. “Germany is basically pioneering the way to legalize cannabis for other EU member states.”
Like the U.S., Europe is a patchwork. Italy requires its army to grow weed for patients enrolled in the country’s medical program. Switzerland is launching its first legal recreational program for 370 cannabis consumers in Basel. And the Netherlands — long notorious for its weed coffeeshops — is just now authorizing the country’s first legal cannabis cultivation.
Still, even in Germany, the path forward for legalization remains murky. Potentially the biggest hurdle the country faces is overcoming EU laws and international drug treaties. That challenge has already led Germany’s ruling coalition to propose a significant restriction on a potential recreational market — banning imports.
Tom Blickman, senior project officer at the Transnational Institute’s Drugs & Democracy Programme, points out that countries like Sweden and Poland are strongly opposed to legalizing recreational use. He argues that Germany and other EU countries that wan …

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