Trump DOJ Official: Politically Motivated FBI Raid

The political weaponization of the FBI continued apace on Wednesday after multiple raids were carried out in conjunction with the aftermath of the 2020 election. As RedState reported, things started in Nevada, where the state’s GOP chairman had his phone seized over a so-called “fake electors” scheme.That kind of sensationalism is meant to obscure the abuse, though. Nothing illegal was even attempted, and the idea of electors voting contrary to state results was pushed heavily by Democrats following the 2016 election.
Of course, everything is always simpler when it’s not sensationalized. So what did this “fake electors” scheme entail? All it entailed was some Republican electors pledging to vote for Donald Trump. As the report notes, that move was purely ceremonial and held no legal weight. No one ever actually tried to pass off any alternate electors to change the outcome of the election, and in the end, Nevada’s electors went to Biden.
In other words, wrong-think, not criminal activity, is now being investigated and used as a pretense for vast federal bureaucracies to punish political opponents. That th …

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