Former San Francisco DA Candidate Complains About People Being Upset Over Being Victims of Crimes

John Hamasaki, a radical progressive candidate who ran for San Francisco district attorney, downplayed the experience of recent victims of a robbery that took place in the city, where over $10,000 worth in equipment and passports were stolen out of a car.

Investor Snehal Antani revealed the member of his team was traumatized by the event and they will have to conduct safety briefs before someone goes to San Francisco. Smash and grabs have become an epidemic in the city, with some residents leaving trunks and windows open to show would-be robbers there is nothing to steal.A teammate visiting San Francisco for an offsite called me frantically last night. After dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf they came back to a smashed car window and 2 stolen backpacks. $10K in gear lost, …

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