Former ESPN Star Takes Flamethrower to ‘The View’: The Show Is ‘Despicable’

If you happen to occupy the increasingly slender Venn Diagram overlap of “ESPN viewer” and “conservative,” few stories have been more heartwarming to see than former ESPN host Sage Steele’s newfound voice.
Steele, who long stood out at the sportsnetwork simply by being conservative, recently left “The Worldwide Leader” and it has brought about a much more vocal and outspoken side of her.
Appearing on Sunday’s episode of Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast, Steele and Maher covered a number of topics, including defunding the police and the time Steele interviewed President Joe Biden.

But the most fascinating part of the episode came when Steele took a blowtorch to the far-left talk show, “The View.”
You can watch the whole episode below:


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