For a Party About to Lead the U.S. House, the GOP Is in Sad Shape

Whether the adage, “no matter how bad things are, they can always be worse” is considered an optimistic or a pessimistic outlook, it perfectly fits the current state of the Republican Party.

Even though the GOP’s gains in last month’s midterm election fell well short of predictions, it will, for the first time in five years, have a majority in the House of Representatives when the 118th Congress convenes next January 3rd.  Rather than savoring this achievement, the Republican Party is fighting to define itself, its agenda, and even its leadership, both on and off Capitol Hill.The Party’s leaders and the entire 222-member majority-in-waiting should be busy finalizing membership and chairmanships for each of the House’s 21 committees and putting the finishing touches on its legislative priorities for the coming session.Were it so simple.Instead of using these weeks between the election and the convening of the new Congress in January to show the American people the GOP is well-organized and …

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