Firefight Erupts on Afghanistan-Iran Border, Taliban Commander Threatens Conquest of Islamic Republic ‘Within 24 Hours’ of the Order

A border clash between Iran and Afghanistan has left three people dead amid a long-running water dispute between the two countries.
At least two Iranian border guards were killed in Saturday’s six-hour fight while one Taliban soldier died, according to The New York Times.
A video posted to Twitter showed what purported to be a Taliban commander saying the Taliban was chomping at the bit to attack Iran.

The video quoted Taliban commander Abdul Hamid as saying Taliban fighters “will conquer Iran within 24 hours.”

If we get the order, we “will conquer Iran within 24 hours,” says Taliban commander Abdul Hamid. “Iran is flirting with the West. In reality, Iran has teamed up with the West. Iran should know that if they cross our red lines, we will erase them from the map of the Earth.”
— Mike (@Doranimated) May 27, 2023


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