Fed Up San Francisco Voters Set to Implement Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients: ‘The Pendulum Is Swinging’

Walking to cast their ballots next week along needle-strewn streets, past the gauntlet of addicts, petty thieves and empty storefronts that are the landmarks of 21st-century San Francisco, voters of the city by the Bay are expected to send a powerful message that they have had enough.
“The pendulum is swinging,”  Malcolm Weitz, 41, said. “It’s coming hard-core back to the center.”
On Tuesday, San Francisco voters will decide the fate of two propositions.

Proposition F would require anyone getting public cash benefits to undergo drug screening. Proposition E loosens the rules on police surveillance and police chases, according to the Wall Street Journal.
A poll by San Francisco’s Chamber of Commerce found 61 percent of likely voters support the propositi …

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