How Long Consumers Expect Inflation to Persist

A New York Fed research paper said American consumers expect no relief from high prices in the near-term, believing the current bout of roaring inflation will keep percolating for the next twelve months before finally losing steam over a three-year horizon.A new analysis from the New York Fed found that U.S. consumers polled about their future inflation expectations said they think prices will continue to trend higher over the coming year before falling and staying low.
“Respondents think the current high inflation environment will not fade over the next twelve months, but that it will taper off in the next three years and not persist beyond that,” the researchers wrote in a May 26 blog post that was co-authored by New York Fed President John Williams.
Williams and the research team said that medium-term inflation expectations, which have a time frame of three years, appear to have leveled off.
“While short-term inflation expectations have continued to trend upward, medium-term inflation expectations appear to have reached a plateau over the past few months, and longer-term inflation expec …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt:
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