Failing Ohio School District Moves to 4 Day Week to Avoid “Burnout” of Teachers

The headline says it all, doesn’t it?
North College Hill City School District in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently ranked #597 out of 607 Ohio school districts, according to the state’s evaluation index. By my grading scale, that’s straight F‑minuses across the board. The district’s preposterous excuse? The teachers are “all worn out.” Oh, noes!

On second thought, indoctrinating children five days a week must be a grueling task, at least at the beginning. I mean, you know, programming young minds to believe things they’ve likely never even heard of, the need to remember “who’s what gender?” every day, and working hard to keep one’s “woke” curriculum away from irate parents; it has to be exhausting as hell.
So, the above observations contain a fair bit of …

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